Adoption Information

Up-to-date mews on adopting from Just Kittens Rescue

Requirements to Adopt

Kitties need their claws! Just Kittens Rescue has a no-declaw policy for all of our cats and kittens. Education is important, read more and learn lots at The Paw Project. You can visit their website by clicking below:

  • Be at least 20 years of age

  • Have verifiable identification

  • Have landlords approval if you rent

  • Agree to all terms of the adoption contract

  • Fill out application in full and be approved

  • Be financially stable

  • Read this ENTIRE page

  • Read the ENTIRE Meet-the-Kittens page

  • Be committed to adopting the kitten you've applied for within a week

Adoption Fee Includes

Adoption fees vary. To see each individual adoption fee please visit the Petfinder profile page of the kitten or cat you're interested in. You can jump straight to the kittens listed with Just Kittens Rescue here: 

  • High quality veterinary care and exam(s) prior to adoption

  • Treatment for internal parasites

  • Treatment for external parasites as needed

  • Vaccinated for distemper (1st vaccine given, booster is situational)

  • Vaccinated for rabies if applicable (kitten must be at least 12 weeks of age)

  • Spay/neuter surgery

  • Health records from our veterinarian upon adoption

IMPORTANT: Adoption Fee does NOT Include:

  • Microchip (we recommend having this done at your 1st visit with your vet)

  • FIV testing (FIV testing is unreliable and wasteful in kittens; additionally, cats with FIV live long lives and can live with cats that are not infected)

  • FeLV testing (we do not test for FeLV without reason; however, you may opt for your kitten to be tested prior to adoption for an addition fee of $55)

Good to Know

Due to our litters being housed individually, we don't provide testing for FeLV/FIV without reason.  Kittens are tested if symptoms associated with FeLV are present. Indiscriminate testing of separately housed litters proves unreliable and wasteful. Please discuss with your veterinarian. You can read more here:

  • We are a foster based rescue, but if you live MORE than 30 miles from New Richmond, WI we can meet you in Stillwater, MN

  • We do not adopt outside of WI/MN

  • We don't "hold" kittens, once your application is approved we need to hear back quickly or we do have to move on to the next applicant

  • Approved kittens are expected to be adopted with 7 days of approval (or within 7 days of turning 8 weeks old, whichever happens first)

  • Read the Meet-the-Kittens page thoroughly regarding meeting our kittens

  • Adoption fees must be paid online IF the adoption cannot take place within 7 days for any reason

Adopting a Wonderful Past Momma Cat? 

These gorgeous ladies are seasoned experts on being purrfect cats. They've raised kittens of their own and are looking forward to very deserved lives of leisure. Sweet, brave, and resilient  our momma cats are rumored to have descended from angels! 

  • Each (past) momma cat comes to you:

  • Spayed

  • Vaccinated for rabies

  • Fully vaccinated for distemper

  • Treated with Revolution

  • Meet-and-Greets ARE allowed with our adult cats when requested, please inquire via email