Cats relaxing on a farm

Are Barn Cats Good? Definitely!

Anyone that has a farm will most likely tell you that barn cats are a necessary blessing that help with rodent control (amongst other things).  We agree! Barn cats are awesome when well cared for and there are so many cats out there looking for a great farm to call their own (Hello, Community Cats!). When spayed/neutered and well-cared for barn cats can truly thrive and live a long, fulfilling life. What a terrific place for cats who prefer the great outdoors!

Scared kitten on a farm

Can I Get Barn Kittens? Heck No!

Kittens do NOT belong on farms. Farm life is wonderful for cats who want to be outside; those not entirely suited to life indoors with people. Young kittens can always be tamed and should always be given the life of an indoor cat. Kittens cannot fight off disease or adequately care for themselves and rarely live to see a year when born on or given to a farm. They live terrible, short, hard lives and die miserable deaths. Keep kittens OFF of farms, there are far too many cats adapted to and looking for a barn to call their own to ever excuse subjecting a vulnerable kitten to something they are so unprepared for.

Farm cat and her kitten

I Have Barn Kittens. Help!

Whoops! Did your barn cat have a litter of kittens? Send us an email right away at so we can help with adequate care and discuss the best time to separate the kittens from mom. The sooner you contact us the better. We do not require any surrender fee to take the kittens into rescue and would be happy to pay for the spay of mom. 

Farm cat

Can You Help Me Find Barn Cats?

Yes! We often are working with Community Cats/Cat Colonies and have access to wonderful cats who would be perfectly suited to life on a farm. Any cats relocated to a farm will need to be contained for the first few weeks while they acclimate to a new location (we can help with this). You are required to  always provide them with fresh water, food, shelter/straw, and care as needed. All cats available for farm life are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. While donations are always appreciated, this service is free of charge. Email us if interested:

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