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Can you help?

Kittens are truly magical, but even the world's most magical little fluff-balls go through a lot of supplies!


They eat, they potty, they play... we clean. And repeat. And repeat. It may sound tedious, but this is a great routine for happy, healthy little kittens.


The hard part is keeping up with the costs. It adds up fast and we are so appreciative of any help we can get. If you are local and ever have supplies to donate please email, we're happy to meet you or give you an address to drop supplies at. Please also think of us when you're out shopping and see good deals, anything helps!

Finally, if you can please consider sending something from the Amazon Wish List (remember to include a gift receipt so we know who to thank!)

Special one eyed kitten

(Pssst…..can't help financially? Please follow us on Instagram and help spread the word that Just Kittens Rescue is wonderful. Thank you for your support!)

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