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(We really do! Every picture on the site is a Just Kittens Rescue alumni!)


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Keeping Kittens Safe (means avoiding meet-and-greets)

Kitten's are extremely vulnerable. The best place for young kittens is a separate nursery per litter where they can safely learn, grow, and play without risk.  Just as it isn't recommended to expose newborn babies to lots of visitors, the same can be said for young kittens. This is why our kittens are kept in foster homes only. We do not have a facility and are considered a foster-based rescue. 

Since it's tricky to truly see a kitten's personality from a short visit, we always list all personality traits and quirks (positive or otherwise) in their Petfinder bio's. All pictures posted are always recent, too. In other words, we want you to find your perfect match and know that honest bio's are key to successful adoptions. 


Keeping Fosters Safe and Happy

Fostering kittens is a lot of work and comes with a long list of expectations. One thing that is not on that list is allowing strangers into your home to look at kittens. We will never, ever ask this of our fosters and, in fact, prefer they not bring applicants/adopters into their home. 

We do, however, know everything there is to know about the kittens in our care because they are in homes getting lots of love. If you need help finding your perfect match please let us know. We are happy to help! If you don't see what you're looking for let us know that, too; we almost certainly have kittens just waiting for their turn to be listed on Petfinder. 


Think you still need to meet the kitten? 

No can do, my friend. Before you get too upset, please note that you obviously see/meet your kitten at the time of adoption. We don't sneak a mystery kitten into your vehicle and drive away whilst cackling gleefully. There are no surprises. Your kitten is right there with us while the adoption is taking place.

Questions: email Lisa at justkittensrescue@gmail.com